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The inhabitants of a great metropolis, with its busy life and challenging environmental conditions, the question of where to get out into nature always is particularly acute. A short weekend is often not allow you to fully enjoy the rest, because most weekends you have to "spend" to create the current living conditions. In neighbouring Finland, this problem is solved by the organization of campsites and rental cottages built into the coastal landscape are numerous lakes in the neighboring countries. For our city this service is turned somewhere in the middle: the creation of recreation facilities more or less relevant Finnish cottage standard of unity with nature. Recreation Frigate stands out for its important advantages. The unique location of the base Frigate on a private Peninsula and within easy reach to Vyborg, enables you to implement immediately a full range of services demanded, tired of the noisy city guests. For individual travelers on the Peninsula built comfortable cottages, allowing a small company to spend time in Finland, among woods and waters, but with all urban amenities. And even, if desired, to use a wonderful wooden bath. The location of the cottages is such that, despite the situation within the territory of one of the base, the neighbouring cottages are almost invisible, which allows comfortable to hold and family countryside. The main feature base of the Frigate is its unique location on the Peninsula between the Gulf of Finland and the Saimaa channel. This location allows for convenient access and proximity to Vyborg, to separate from the rest of the bustling world in a separate area of the base. The most private or unique events will not interfere with any extraneous stimuli. Base can become a place of country vacation for your employees. Privacy corporate entertainment nothing can stop resting on the Peninsula, you will feel in a separate world, like the deck of a ship sailing through the Gulf of Finland. Discover on our website with this wonderful Peninsula near Finland – base Frigate. Look at the wonderful photos of nature, learn about the sights of Vyborg. Imagine how nice and cozy you can spend time here, even if is a big event. You will feel magic air, the water lapping the shore and, certainly, you will want to visit here with your friends!


We offer accommodation in a duplex for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 guests and a separate cottage is for 6-8 people.

Check-in 14:00
Check-out 12:00
Reservation cancellation Possible free cancellation more than 7 days prior to arrival. Cancel in the interval from 7 to 1 days before arrival is 30% of the first night. Cancellation less than 1 day prior to arrival is estimated at 100% of the first night.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation more than 7 days before arrival - 0% Cancellation within the interval of 1-7 days before arrival - 30% of the cost of the first night Cancellation less than 1 day prior to arrival - 100% of first night

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